Product Downloads

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Product Downloads

This list includes discontinued products. Not all products listed here are currently available.  

Key Machine Information 

Borkey Machines

pdf.png General Börkey Information  (80 KB)

Model 173 Lord II
pdf.png Börkey Manual BOL-173  (3.3 MB)

Model 396 Euroline
pdf.png Börkey 396 - Instructions  (2.4 MB)

Model 954 Rexa3
pdf.png Rexa 3: Switch Wiring  (80 KB)
pdf.png Rexa 3: Adding a Brush  (158 KB)
pdf.png Rexa 3: Carriage Handle  (77 KB)
pdf.png Rexa 3: Carriage Springs  (221 KB)
pdf.png Rexa 3: Manual  (4.4 MB)

Model 994 Rexa2000+
pdf.png Rexa 2000+: Cutter Replacement  (93 KB)
pdf.png Rexa 2000+: Motor Wiring  (197 KB)
pdf.png Rexa 2000+: Manual  (5.3 MB)

Model 912 Rexa4
pdf.png Rexa 4: Operating Manual  (2.8 MB)

Watayoshi Machines

Keyway King
pdf.png Keyway King Manual  (245 KB)

Steel King
pdf.png Steel King Manual  (306 KB)
pdf.png Steel King-Jaw Assembly  (143 KB)

ILCO Machines

Speed Key Machine - 044, 045, 046
pdf.png Speed Machine Manual  (7.6 MB)

Bravo III Key Machine
pdf.png Bravo III Manual  (618 KB)
pdf.png Bravo III Parts List  (277 KB)

Flash 008 Key Machine
pdf.png Flash 008 Manual  (3.5 MB)
pdf.png Flash 008 Parts List  (596 KB)

Material Safety Data Sheets

GSA Touch Up Paint
pdf.png GSA Gray, Black, and Parchment Paint  (29 KB)

Aeroshell 22
pdf.png Aeroshell 22 MSDS  (36 KB)

Stainless Steel Metal Cleaner Polish
pdf.png Stainless Steel Metal Cleaner Polish

Lock Information

American Security Products (AMSEC)

Electronic Safe Locks
pdf.png ESL10 & ESL20: Installation  (25 KB)
pdf.png ESL10: Operations  (90.3 KB)
pdf.png ESL20: Instructions  (260 KB)
pdf.png ESL5 Instructions  (72.5 KB)


Electromechanical Government Security Locks
pdf.png Kaba-Mas X-10 Operating Instructions  (459 KB)
pdf.png Kaba-Mas X-10 Installation Instructions  (2.91 MB)
pdf.png Kaba-Mas CDX-10 Installation and Operation  (190 KB)
pdf.png Kaba-Mas X-10 Color Change Product Bulletin (745 KB)
pdf.png Kaba Mas X-10 Drive Cam Redesign (87 KB)
pdf.png Kaba Mas X-09 Operating Instructions Rev D  (198 KB)
pdf.png Kaba-Mas X-09 Installation Instructions Rev E  (1.4 MB)
pdf.png KABA-MAS X-08 Installation Instructions  (106 KB)
pdf.png KABA-MAS X-08 Operating Instructions  (173 KB)
pdf.png X-07 Installation Guide  (145 KB)
pdf.png X-07 Operating Instructions  (145 KB)
excel2.png MBA X-07 Bit Drop Spreadsheet  (87.5 KB)

LaGard Electronic Safe Locks

LaGard ComboGard
pdf.png LAGARD COMBOGARD 33E  (103 KB)
pdf.png 39E Manager  (389 KB)
pdf.png 39E Quick Set-Up  (118 KB)

LaGard Digigard
pdf.png LAGARD DIGIGARD Operation  (123 KB)
pdf.png LAGARD DIGIGARD Programming  (83 KB)

LaGard Handheld Programmer
pdf.png LAGARD 3045 PROGRAMMER  (84 KB)

LaGard LGAccess
pdf.png LGAccess Cut Sheet  (348 KB)
pdf.png LGAccess User Instructions  (37 KB)

LaGard LGAudit
pdf.png LAGARD 66E LGAUDIT: Operation  (110 KB)
pdf.png LAGARD 66E LGAUDIT: Programming  (54 KB)

LaGard LGBasic
pdf.png LGBASIC 3802  (99 KB)
pdf.png LGBASIC Cut Sheet  (359 KB)
pdf.png LGBASIC Operation Manager  (145 KB)
pdf.png LGBASIC Operation User  (109 KB)

LaGard LGCombo
pdf.png LGCOMBO Cut Sheet  (319 KB)
pdf.png LGCOMBO Instructions  (37 KB)

LaGard SafeGard
pdf.png LAGARD SAFEGARD Operation  (102 KB)

LaGard SmartGard
pdf.png LAGARD SMARTGARD  (100 KB)

LaGard Smartlinc
pdf.png SMARTLINC Cut Sheet  (593 KB)
pdf.png SMARTLINC Operations  (77 KB)
pdf.png SMARTLINC Software  (580 KB)

LaGard Mechanical Safe Locks

3370 Three-Wheel Mechanical Lock
pdf.png 3370 Instructions  (98 KB)
pdf.png LAGARD 3 WHEEL: Changing  (61 KB)

Key Operated Safe Lock
pdf.png 2200 Instructions  (1.1 MB)
pdf.png 2270 Cut Sheet  (369 KB)


CS401 Delay Action Timelock
pdf.png CS401: Operating Instructions  (375 KB)

LP Locks/NL Locks

NL Rotobolt by LP Locks
pdf.png Base Line Installation Instructions  (3.9 MB)

Omega Locks

Omega Electronic Safe Lock
pdf.png Omega Locks Installation and Operations  (107 KB)

Safe Deposit Locks

Bullseye Safe Deposit Locks
pdf.png 7700 LeFebure Series Instructions (378 KB)

Sargent & Greenleaf Safe Deposit Locks
pdf.png S&G 4500 Changing  (276 KB)

Sargent & Greenleaf Electronic Safe Locks

Sargent & Greenleaf 6100 Series
pdf.png Biometric KP QuickStart  (442 KB)
pdf.png Biometric KP installation  (438 KB)
pdf.png Biometric KP Operation  (3.5 MB)
pdf.png S&G 6121 Operation  (220 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6124-25 Dual Control: Management Guide  (133 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6124-25 Dual Control: User Guide  (92 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6124-25 Multiple User: Management Guide  (131 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6124-25 Dual Control: Configuration  (137 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6124-25 Multiple User: Configuration  (162 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6124-25: Multiple User Guide  (98 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6124-25: Single User Guide  (97 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6124-26: Installation  (347 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6125-27: Installation  (373 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6125 Status Indicator: User Guide  (351 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6129: Installation  (405 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6150: Installation  (340 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6150 Software: Operation  (1 MB)
pdf.png S&G COMPTRONIC 6120-23: Installation  (255 KB)
pdf.png S&G COMPTRONIC 6123: Operation  (274 KB)
pdf.png S&G COMPTRONIC 6128: Installation  (377 KB)
pdf.png S&G COMPTRONIC 6150: Input Panel  (426 KB)

Sargent & Greenleaf Electromechanical Government Security Lock
pdf.png S&G Model 2740B Installation Instructions  (2.9 MB)
pdf.png S&G Model 2740B Operation Instructions  (979 KB)
pdf.png S&G Model 2740 Overly Door Retrofit Instructions  (4 MB)
pdf.png S&G Model 2740A Installation Instructions  (449 KB)
pdf.png S&G Model 2740A Operating Instructions  (1.2 MB)

Sargent & Greenleaf - Mechanical and Safe Deposit

Group 2 and Group 2M Mechanical Locks
pdf.png S&G 6600-6700 Operation  (88 KB)
pdf.png S&G 6731 Operation: Changing  (55 KB)

Group 1 and Group 1R Mechanical Locks
pdf.png S&G 8400 Operation: Changing  (418 KB)
pdf.png S&G 8500 Installation: Changing  (168 KB)

Government (GSA) Approved Mechanical Lock
pdf.png S&G 2937 Installation and Combination Changing Instructions  (510 KB)

Vault Locks
pdf.png S&G VAULT: LOBC  (453 KB)
pdf.png S&G VAULT: Regular Change  (521 KB)
pdf.png S&G VAULT: Zero Change  (422 KB)

Key Operated Safe Locks
pdf.png 6800: Install and Change  (55 KB)
pdf.png 6804  (162 KB)
pdf.png 6805  (64 KB)

Safe Deposit Locks
pdf.png S&G 4500 Changing  (276 KB)

Changeable Padlocks
pdf.png 8077 Padlock  (99 KB)
pdf.png 8077 Combo Recovery  (460 KB)

SecuRam Electronic Safe Locks

Electronic Safe Locks
pdf.png Battery Changing Instructions - ProLogic  (345 KB)
pdf.png Battery Changing Instructions - SafeLogic  (370 KB)
pdf.png Battery Changing Instructions - ScanLogic  (344 KB)
pdf.png Programming and Operations Guide: ProLogic L02  (1.3 MB)
pdf.png Programming and Operations Guide: SafeLogic Basic  (688 KB)
pdf.png QuickStart Guide: ProLogic L02  (285 KB)
pdf.png QuickStart Guide: ProLogic L22  (285 KB)
pdf.png QuickStart Guide: SafeLogic Basic BackLit  (206 KB)
pdf.png QuickStart Guide: SafeLogic Basic  (207 KB)
pdf.png QuickStart Guide: SafeLogic TopLit  (205 KB)
pdf.png QuickStart Guide: ScanLogic Swipe  (212 KB)
pdf.png SecuRam Reset Procedure  (142 KB)

STB Microtechniques

Finger Lock
pdf.png FL3500 Warranty  (11 KB)
pdf.png Installer Manual  (369 KB)
pdf.png Managers' instructions  (289 KB)
pdf.png Technical Description  (207 KB)
pdf.png Users' instructions  (41 KB)

Other Lock Information

Time Locks
excel2.png Timelock Winding Calculator  (74 KB)
pdf.png Timelock Winding Chart  (20 KB)

Combination Lock Troubleshooting
 MBA Combination Lock Diagnostics  (90 KB)

Cabinet Locks
pdf.png PL-80 Directions  (467 KB)