Student Comments

 We get a lot of positive feedback from our students.  Here are some examples.


Very well put together.

C.S. - Port Hueneme, CA
May 2019


My knowledge base has been expanded 1,000%!

M.L. - Minneapolis, MN
May 2019


. . . I've been a locksmith for close to 20 years and definitely learned some new things.

S.R. - Haverhill, MA
March 2018


Great class.  Learned a lot and enjoyed it.  Met some great people

R.P. - Dothan, AL
March 2018


. . . I continue to learn more every time I come to MBA.

A.R. - McKinney, TX
October 2017


. . . fantastic instructor.  He explains things in a manner that is easily understandable.  Class was interesting.

M.H. - Goodfellow AFB, TX
September 2017


Great Class. Great Instructor. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing locksmith instruction.

C.R - Artesia, NM
September 2017


. . . best instructor I have ever had.  Covering these materials he did a great job!

A.S. - Fort Worth, TX
May 2017


Thank you for such an amazing class! I truly enjoyed the course and will utilize the training in my career.
Excellent Class!!!

D.W. - Ridgecrest, CA
September 2016


Great class. The hands on work was fantastic! Very nice classroom setup.

M.S. - Ridgecrest, CA
September 2016


Chuck presented the material in a concise, but fun manner. I learned several new things.

J.W. - Louisville, KY
August 2016