Andy Dennison, CMST, CML
Director of GSA Security Training


Andy Dennison has been a locksmith since 1990 and an instructor since 1999. His experience covers a wide variety of locksmithing services with the majority of his time spent in the area of safes, vaults, and GSA containers. Before becoming a locksmith, he served four years in the U.S. Navy and another four years in the U.S. Naval Reserve. After working for 15 years at a major locksmith company in the Washington, DC area, he moved to Kentucky in 2006 to work for MBA as a full-time instructor.

Mr. Dennison has been a certified instructor for Mas-Hamilton/Kaba-Mas since 1999. He is also a factory authorized instructor for Sargent & Greenleaf.  He is a Certified Master Locksmith through the ALOA Security Professionals Association, Inc., a Certified Master SafeTech through the Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA), and is certified by the US General Services Administration (GSA) to conduct GSA certification courses. In April 2019 he was inducted into the SAVTA Hall of Fame and was named SAVTA Instructor of the Year for 2020.

Mr. Dennison is recognized as an authority on both mechanical and electro-mechanical locking devices with over 30 years of experience installing, servicing, and troubleshooting numerous common and obscure mechanical and electro-mechanical locking systems. He is also a recognized authority on GSA approved security containers and vault doors and is the author of the bestselling reference book, "GSA Container Identification". 

Billy Salyer


Before entering the lock industry, Billy dedicated 6 years to the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, followed by a 20-year tenure as an officer with the Lexington, Kentucky Police Department. Upon retiring from the Police Department, Billy transitioned to the MBA USA team in 2022. He now serves as an assistant instructor for various courses, including GSA certifications, Professional Locksmithing, Safe Deposit Locks, Mechanical Safe Locks, Professional Safe Drilling, and Safe Lock Manipulation.

Phil Sutherland
Business Development Manager

Phil Sutherland holds decades of experience in the Safe & Vault industry and has worked in areas that include: Business Development, Project Management, Technical Sales, Technical Support, Training, and Distribution. Fully bi-lingual, English & Spanish, he is currently fulfilling these tasks at MBA USA, Inc. He is an ALOA ACE certified instructor. Prior to beginning his career in the industry, Phil earned a Bachelor of Arts, double major in Decision Science and Marketing, from the University of Kentucky.

Kevin Wasson
Purchasing Manager


Kevin has been part of the lock industry since 1993, and in that time has filled a variety of roles including customer service, product assembly, technical support, product development, and purchasing. He manages purchasing for MBA USA. Kevin is also a Certified Kaba Mas X-10 Instructor.

Kevin is a native of Flemingsburg KY, and a graduate of Berea College in Berea KY, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology Management. Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, and cheering on the University of Kentucky Wildcats!

Sam Wasson


Sam’s fascination with the lock industry began at the age of 14, when he took a part-time job quality checking and packaging safe deposit locks. Since joining MBA USA in 2019, Sam has performed tasks within the company wherever needed. He has filled a number of vital roles, including shipping & receiving, product assembly, customer service, inside sales, technical support, product development, and purchasing. He currently serves as an instructor at MBA USA. Sam is a certified Kaba Mas X-10 instructor, and assists with all facets of GSA security training.

Contract Instructors

John Falle

John Falle is the brilliant designer of scores of ingenious lock opening tools, and his enthusiasm and genius is evident in his superb classes. John is the designer of numerous advanced opening tools, as well as the renowned Falle Pick Set. Mr. Falle's services are available in North America exclusively through MBA USA. Please contact us for your training requirements concerning John's advanced equipment, and we will give you a quotation. These courses require up to one year advanced notice to schedule, and are available only to select government agencies.

Martin Newton, CPS

Martin is a recognized expert on lever-type key locks, and has extensive knowledge of other mechanical locking devices. He has a background as a covert-entry specialist, making him an ideal instructor for our tactical training courses. As a partner in the U.K. firm, "Safe Ventures", Martin keeps his expertise up-to-date with constant practice in the field. Available to select government agencies.

Cory Woss

Cory began locksmithing in 2017 and quickly developed his skills in all phases of the trade. He has spent time working overseas with a DoD contractor providing physical security in many areas including servicing, neutralizing, and repairing GSA containers and servicing facility locking systems. During his career, Cory has operated his locksmithing business in North Carolina, the Los Angeles, California area, and the northeastern U.S. where he now resides. He has worked to develop his skills and experience in safe and vault servicing, including GSA approved containers and vault doors as well as more specialty niches in the government sector including specialized SCIF STC and RF rated doors. Cory is a Certified Professional SafeTech (CPS) through the Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA).