Government (GSA) Security

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Catalog and Newsletter Downloads

2018 Government Security Product Catalog
pdf.png 2018 Government Security Product Catalog  (3.5 MB)

GSA News Email Newsletter Archives: PDF Copies
pdf.png No. 15 - Clarification on Black Label Container Maintenance 8/26/2019 (309 KB)
pdf.png No. 14 - Another New QPL for AA-F-358 8/14/2019 (287 KB)
pdf.png No. 13 - X-10 Drive Cam Change 8/07/2019 (264 KB)
pdf.png No. 12 - New QPL for AA-F-358 7/22/2019 (155 KB)
pdf.png No. 11 - Just a Few New Things 6/12/2019 (246 KB)
pdf.png No. 10 - A Revision for FF-L-2890 Lock Extensions  3/8/2019 (157 KB)
pdf.png No. 9 - Color Change for the Kaba-Mas X-10  2/25/2019 (155 KB)
pdf.png No. 8 - New QPL and a New Manufacturer  1/31/2019 (155 KB)
pdf.png No. 7 - GSA's Position on Pharmaceutical Storage  12/17/2018 (169 KB)
pdf.png No. 6 - New QPL for FF-L-2890  11/14/2018 (172 KB)
pdf.png No. 5 - GSA Approved Vault Doors  9/19/2018 (178 KB)
pdf.png No. 4 - New Amendment for FF-L-2740B & QPL for AA-F-358  9/5/2018 (172 KB)
pdf.png No. 3 - New Amendment for AA-F-358J  8/22/2018 (512 KB)
pdf.png No. 2 - New Rules for Black Label Containers FED-STD-809D  8/15/2018 (171 KB)
pdf.png No. 1 - Introduction  8/10/2018 (492 KB)

Lock Information

This list includes discontinued products. Not all locks listed here are currently available. 


Electromechanical Government Security Locks
pdf.png Kaba-Mas X-10 Operating Instructions  (459 KB)
pdf.png Kaba-Mas X-10 Installation Instructions  (2.91 MB)
pdf.png Kaba-Mas CDX-10 Installation and Operation  (190 KB)
pdf.png Kaba-Mas X-10 Color Change Product Bulletin (745 KB)
pdf.png Kaba Mas X-10 Drive Cam Redesign (87 KB)
pdf.png Kaba-Mas X-10 Forced Re-Lock Procedure (109 KB)

pdf.png Kaba Mas X-09 Operating Instructions Rev D  (198 KB)
pdf.png Kaba-Mas X-09 Installation Instructions Rev E  (1.4 MB)

pdf.png KABA-MAS X-08 Installation Instructions  (106 KB)
pdf.png KABA-MAS X-08 Operating Instructions  (173 KB)

pdf.png X-07 Installation Guide  (145 KB)
pdf.png X-07 Operating Instructions  (145 KB)
excel2.png MBA X-07 Bit Drop Spreadsheet  (87.5 KB)

Sargent & Greenleaf

Sargent & Greenleaf Electromechanical Government Security Lock
pdf.png S&G Model 2740B Installation Instructions  (2.9 MB)
pdf.png S&G Model 2740B Operation Instructions  (979 KB)
pdf.png S&G Model 2740 Overly Door Retrofit Instructions  (4 MB)
pdf.png S&G Model 2740A Installation Instructions  (449 KB)
pdf.png S&G Model 2740A Operating Instructions  (1.2 MB)

Mechanical Government Security Lock
pdf.png S&G 2937 Installation and Combination Changing Instructions  (510 KB)

Changeable Padlocks
pdf.png 8077 Padlock  (99 KB)
pdf.png 8077 Combo Recovery  (460 KB)

Federal Specifications

Locks, Combination, Electromechanical
pdf.png FF-L-2740B  (120 KB)
pdf.png FF-L-2740B Amendment 2  (309 KB)
pdf.png QPL-FF-L-2740-10  (14 KB)

Locks, Combination, Mechanical
pdf.png FF-L-2937  (447 KB)
pdf.png FF-L-2937, Amendment 2  (18 KB)
pdf.png QPL-FF-L-2937-1  (19 KB)

Lock Extension
pdf.png FF-L-2890C  (599 KB)
pdf.png QPL-F-L-2890-2  (26 KB)

Filing Cabinet, Legal and Letter Size, Uninsulated, Security
pdf.png AA-F-358J  (72 KB)
pdf.png AA-F-358J, Amendment 3  (146 KB)
pdf.png QPL-AA-F-358-20  (192 KB)

Filing Cabinet, Security, Maps and Plans, General Filing and Storage
pdf.png AA-F-363D  (219 KB)
pdf.png AA-F-363D, Amendment 4  (72 KB)
pdf.png QPL-AA-F-363-19  (31 KB)

Cabinet, Security, Information Processing System Storage, Class 5
pdf.png AA-C-2786  (737 KB)
pdf.png AA-C-2786, Amendment 2  (15 KB)
pdf.png QPL-AA-C-2786-3  (25 KB)

Cabinet, Security, Weapons Storage
pdf.png AA-C-2859A  (39 KB)
pdf.png QPL-AA-C-2859-4  (17 KB)

Door, Vault, Security
pdf.png AA-D-600D  (201 KB)
pdf.png AA-D-600D, Amendment 4  (102 KB)
pdf.png QPL-AA-D-600-10  (23 KB)

Modular Vault Systems
pdf.png AA-V-2737  (145 KB)
pdf.png AA-V-2737, Amendment 3  (18 KB)
pdf.png QPL-AA-V-2737-6  (22 KB)

Vault System, Armory, Assembled
pdf.png AA-V-2940  (524 KB)

Padlock, Changeable Combination
pdf.png FF-P-110J  (56 KB)
pdf.png FF-P-110J, Amendment 1  (10 KB)

Directives, Guidance, and Forms

Inspection, Maintenance, Neutralization and Repair of GSA Approved Containers and Vault Doors
pdf.png FED-STD 809D (508 KB)

Maintenance Record for Security Containers / Vault Doors
pdf.png OF89 (10 KB)

GSA Memo Regarding Pharmaceutical Storage
pdf.png Security Cabinets and Combination Locks for Pharmaceutical and Cannabis Producers and Distributors (96 KB)

GSA Memo Regarding End of Exemption Process
pdf.png End of the Exemption Process (30 September 2019) (92 KB)

GSA Memo Clarifying Black Label Maintenance
pdf.png Repair of Black Label Containers 2019 (82 KB)