Are your classes only in Kentucky? Do you have another location?
Typically, our courses are conducted at our facility in Nicholasville, Kentucky. This is our only permanent location. We can, however conduct some of our classes at your location for a small group. Contact our education division for a quote on customized classes.

What is your dress code? Do I need to wear my uniform? 
Dress is casual. Most of our courses involve hands-on training, so you should dress comfortably for work. For those in the military, there is no need to wear your uniform.

What tools should I bring? 
We will provide tools necessary for class. Some tools provided will be given to the student to keep. If you would like to bring any tools to use in class, please check with the instructor first. 

May I bring a laptop or tablet for taking notes?
If you would like to bring an electronic device for note taking, that is permitted.

What time does class start? 
Unless we notify you otherwise, all classes begin at 9am. Please note that we are in the Eastern Time Zone.

How do I register for a class?
An enrollment application can be downloaded from our website here: MBA USA Enrollment Application. To submit your application, there are instructions near the top of the first page.  A deposit or a completed government funding form (SF182, etc.) is required at the time of application to secure a seat in class.

When is the deadline for registering? 
We prefer to have enrollment at least 30 days before the start of class. We can accept applications as little as a few days before class depending on the class and enrollment levels. Some classes fill up faster than others, so it is in your best interest to enroll as early as possible.

How can I tell if there is space available in a class?
When a class fills up, the dates on our course schedule will be crossed out.  We also try to add notes to the dates, such as "Almost full" or "One seat remaining", as appropriate.  You may also call our Education Division at 859-885-7193 to verify availability.  Please note that classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you are told that space is available one day, it may not be available the next day.

Can I submit my enrollment application before I get approval for funding?
You are welcome to submit an enrollment application at any time, however we do not confirm enrollment in a course without receiving funding paperwork or a deposit. Submitting an enrollment application before funding paperwork will, at least, give us contact information so we can notify you if the class is almost full.

Where can I stay while I'm there?
There are hotels in Nicholasville very near our location. There are also many hotels in nearby Lexington. Some hotels offer a reduced rate for our students. To learn more, view our Area Information page.