Two-Sided Telephone Keypad Magnet

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  • Two-Sided Telephone Keypad Magnet
  • Two-Sided Telephone Keypad Magnet
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This two-sided magnet has a traditional telephone keypad diagram on one side and an alternative diagram on the other.  Keep one of these on your safe to aid in memorizing your safe combination.  Just set your safe combination so the numbers match a six-letter word.  For most people, it is easier to remember a word than several numbers.  For example, you may choose the word, "CHERRY" and match the letters on the traditional telephone keypad to a combination of 24-37-79.

One concern with this method is that there are no letters with the numbers 1 and 0.  This can reduce the number of usable combinations considerably.  However, our magnet includes an alternate diagram with letters on all numbers.  This arrangement was carefully researched so that each number contains one or more letters to represent (as close as we could get) to 10% of letter usage in the English language.  So your combination word of "CHERRY" would then be an actual combination of 48-23-30.  Now you have a choice of the traditional telephone keypad diagram or a more diverse and secure alternate.

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