Keedex "EZ LOAD" Reloading Follower

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  • The "EZ LOAD" Spring and Driver Reloading Tool by Keedex is a unique tool that uses a spring loaded ball bearing system and the pin chambers of the shell for perfect alignment.
  • Radius V cut allows the spring or top pin to align.
  • Ball bearing de tents into cylinder pin chambers and stays there until you load your spring and driver.
  • Because the tool aligns itself, all you need to do is start at the rear of the cylinder, drop a spring in, give it a shake (the spring will follow the V radius of the tool and drop into the pin chamber), drop in a driver, give it a shake (again the V radius of the tool will line it up with the pin chamber) – push the driver into the pin chamber, then advance the tool to the next posi- tion (the spring loaded ball bearing will drop into the next chamber, stop and hold at that position) and repeat.
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