Time Locks

Time Locks

Class Time: 9am to 5pm
Course Length: 2 Days
Course Fees: $645.00
Registration Fee: $0.00 (No additional fees!)
Course Code: EDUTL
Location: Nicholasville, KY

Course Description:
It might take years to really master time locks, but we have taught scores of people to be comfortable with the basics in only two days! You will not be a watchmaker at the end of the class, but you will be comfortable correcting overwinds, servicing and synchronizing cases, and understanding the fundamentals of ultrasonic cleaning.

 The following is covered in detail:

  • Nomenclature
  • Basic time lock operation
  • Safely handling movements
  • Triggers and lockouts
  • Movement removal
  • Determining which direction a movement is wound
  • Handed movements
  • Correcting overwinds
  • Reserve power and how to calculate it
  • Standard, reset, and snap action movements
  • Ultrasonic cleaning, drying, and lubrication
  • Checking cases for common malfunctions
  • Synchronizing movements within the case

 Do you need this class? Test yourself with these questions:

  1. You encounter a time lock with 3 movements set for 12, 32, and 19 hours respectively. How many hours will elapse before the time lock unlocks?
  2. You wish to wind a Snap-Action S&G movement to 8 hours. The first thing you do is wind it to 12 hours. Why?
  3. Which parts of a time lock movement must never be ultrasonically cleaned?
  4. What are the primary differences between a time lock and a DAT?

  Each student will receive:

  • 2-in-1 screwdriver
  • MBA USA Work Mat
  • Printed copy of the Class Presentation
  • MBA USA Course Certificate
  • MBA USA Coffee Mug
  • MBA USA Ruler
  • MBA USA pen
  • Notepad


  1. 12
  2. This movement must be wound to at least 12 hours to cock the unlocking appendage, but can be backwound to the desired setting if necessary.
  3. The mainspring and mainspring barrel.  The escapement and its cover.  The display wheel.
  4. A time lock is wound to a certain setting before locking.  A DAT is activated to delay opening of a lock each time the lock is opened. 

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