Tactical Safe Locks

Tactical Safe Locks

Class Time: 9am to 5pm
Course Length: 5 to 10 Days
Course Fees: Call for Quote

NOTE: The following class can be scheduled for your group at a time that is best for you. Call us with your schedule and the number of students. We can work with you to provide your group with the training you need at a time that works for you.

Limited to active Law Enforcement Personnel

Types of locks dealt with:
Common mechanical safe locks.

Class Description: Learn how mechanical safe locks operate and the methods used to defeat them in this program. To enable the student to become proficient in these advanced skills, we begin with the basics. We start with cutaway locks to study wheel action and operation principles. We proceed to combination changing, forbidden zones, and relock triggers. Once the student is comfortable with the basics, we move forward and learn wheel counting and back-dialing methods.

A complete understanding of wheel action is finally achieved when the student is capable of finding the combination looking only through the change key hole in the back of the lock. Next, we advance to lock manipulation: the technique of learning the combination of a locked safe through sight, sound, and touch alone. This crowning skill is the ultimate tool for the covert safe technician. The prospective student will find this to be a very challenging class. Come prepared to face a tough mental workout!

NOTE: A kit containing many of the tools used in this class is available for an additional charge.

The following is covered in detail:
  • Counting Wheels
  • Back-Dialing
  • Reading combinations through the change key hole
  • Combination Lock Manipulation
  • "Straight-tailpiece" lock manipulation
  • How to develop manipulation techniques for unfamiliar locks
  • Bypassing electronic safe locks