Tactical Lever Locks

Tactical Lever Locks

Class Time: 9am to 5pm
Course Length: 5 TO 10 Days
Course Fees: Call for Quote

NOTE: The following class can be scheduled for your group at a time that is best for you. Call us with your schedule and the number of students. We can work with you to provide your group with the training you need at a time that works for you.

Limited to active Law Enforcement Personnel

Types of locks dealt with:
Safe deposit locks, key-operated safe locks, lever-type door locks (primarily foreign).

Class Description:
This class is best suited for students who are already familiar with defeat methods for standard locks. Lever Locks are generally considered the most secure of the basic mechanical lock designs. The lever design is much more common than some people believe. Nearly all domestic safe deposit locks, many door locks (domestic, but especially foreign), and most key-operated safe locks and penitentiary locks are secured by levers. In addition, the lever design is used in some mail box and furniture locks. Tactical Lever Locks is intended for those who need to open such locks without damage.

NOTE: A kit containing many of the tools used in this class is available for an additional charge.

The following is covered in detail:
  • Safe Deposit Locks:
  • How they operate
  • How to generate keys
  • Known covert opening techniques including using the "drill and pick" technique, Hobbs Picks and bypass tools.
  • British-Style Door Locks:
  • Decoding with specially prepared keys
  • Decoding by clay impressions
  • How to use "build-up" keys to gain access after decoding.
  • Multiple-Turn European-Style Door Locks:
  • Picking and decoding techniques using weighted tension tools
  • How to decode the lock during the picking process
  • Key-Operated Safe Locks:
  • Varieties of keys and lever designs
  • Basic and advanced defeat techniques using Hobbs picks and Pin/Cam Decoders
  • Practical exercises in measuring keyways, counting levers and key generation.