Tactical Automotive

Tactical Automotive

Class Time: 9am to 5pm
Course Length: 5 to 10 Days
Course Fees: Call for Quote

NOTE: The following class can be scheduled for your group at a time that is best for you! Call us with your schedule and the number of students. We can work with you to provide your group with the training you need at a time that works for you.

Limited to active Law Enforcement Personnel

Types of locks dealt with:
Ignition, door, glove box, and trunk locks for a cross section of modern automobiles.

Class Description:
Automotive security systems have become much more sophisticated in recent years. If you are tasked with accessing a locked car, don't count on the old "Slim Jim" to bail you out anymore! Today's technician is faced with alarms, remote unlocking devices, and keys with built-in transponders. This class will help you determine what type of system you're up against and the best way to defeat it. You will learn how to access the passenger compartment of most any vehicle, plus what it takes to create working keys for a variety of modern cars.

NOTE: A kit containing many of the tools used in this class is available for an additional charge.

The following is covered in detail:
  • Visual assessment of vehicle locking and security systems
  • Using the VIN to establish country of origin and model year of target vehicle
  • Methods of generating keys without entering the vehicle
  • Accessing the passenger compartment without triggering the alarm
  • Obtaining code numbers and using them to generate keys
  • Master/Valet and Primary/Secondary key systems
  • Passive anti-theft systems and how to deal with them
  • Dealing with transponders