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From its introduction as the 1200CM, the Blitz™ Machine revolutionized the locksmith industry. The 1200CMB simplified the code cutting process by translating the lock manufactures’ depth and space measurements to code cards. Simply insert the code card for the lock you are working on, set the space needle to the number 1 mark on the card, and set the depth needle to the appropriate depth number for the cut required. Next, move the space needle to the second space and move the depth needle to the appropriate number for this cut. Continue this simple procedure to cut a new key to the manufacturer's exact specifications, in less than one minute. Quite often just replacing the code card is all that is required when you cut a key for a different lock. Complete with 150 Code Cards and 2 cutters.

The AC/DC version operates on either 110VAC or 12VDC.

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