Custom Classes

Custom Classes

Class Time: 9am to 5pm
Course Length: 1 to 10 Days
Course Fees: Call or email for a quote
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You may find that your training needs cannot be met by our regularly scheduled classes. Schedules may conflict, or you may require training in topics not covered in our standard courses. We at MBA are experienced in putting together customized classes to meet your needs.

Here is a sample of classes we have put together in the past....

Bank Lock Servicing: Learn the basics of Bank Lock Servicing in a custom 3 to 5 day class! Perfect for training your service crew in the basics. Learn safe deposit locks, combination lock servicing, and time locks in one class.

Lever Locks: Most high security safes use a lever lock in addition to the combination lock. Learn the construction and operation of a variety of both common and unusual lever locks, including the use of a Hobbs pick.

Vault Locks: Do you really want to change the combination on a vault door without specific training on vault locks? Minimize the risks inherent in working with vaults with this class.

Prison Locks, Handcuffs & Restraints: Learn the design, function, and maintenance of prison hardware and restraints. Emphasis is placed on proper security procedures, as well as documented security breaches and how they can be avoided.

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