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The Surelock McGill Seal/Re-Open Tool is used with the Ring/Cap/Base 35mm (#SM-AN400-35). The machine removes the Cap and Base from the 35mm ring to allow keys on the ring to be removed and/or replaced, without damaging the ring. Without the Seal/Re-open Tool there is no way to remove or replace keys from the ring.

If you purchase the Seal/Re-Open Tool you will need to purchase the Ring/Cap/Base 35mm (#SM-AN400-35) separately.


About the Surelock McGill Ring/Cap/Base 35mm:
The Surelock McGill Ring/Cap/Base 35mm is a secure keyring with sealing and resealing features. The sealed keyring is designed specifically for higher security requirements of key management, often used in Government establishments, hospitals, security vehicles, banks, education institutions, etc. The Sealed Keyring overcomes the historical problems associated with welding/brazing of conventional keyrings, resulting in a high level of failure and/or metal embrittlement fatigue. The use of stainless steel has enabled the dimension of the seal to be minimized, whilst maintaining maximum strength.

Surelock McGill's resealable keyring has been designed to prevent unauthorized key removal/exchange with the cost benefit of recycling the ring using special tooling by authorized personnel.

Features of the keyring include:

  • Resists unauthorized key removal
  • High resistance to abuse/misuse
  • Tamperproof
  • Reusable ring
  • Only resealable by use of the Surelock McGill Seal/Re-Open Tool (#SM-ST0003)
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Customized stamping available - call MBA to add a custom logo, name, text or other marking on the cap/base
  • Special tooling is required and available for the sealing and re-opening of the AN400 range of keyrings
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